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Opportunities for cooperation

1 International Chinese Language Teachers’ Training

Requirements: University or Training Institutions

2 E-learning: Online Chinese Language Lesson (Mandarin)

Requirements: Information technology companies which have

the ability of developing the customers of American, Japan, European.

More details, please contact with us.

Requirements: University or Training Institut

2 E-learning: Online Chinese Language Lesson (Man


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Learning System
Each of our students has a personal teacher to learn Chinese online with, conversing directly on camera—even if they are separated by vast geographic distances. The student can hear the teacher's native pronunciation, and see what the teacher writes on the board. When the student imitates the sounds, the teacher can correct his or her pronunciation. The student also can show the teacher his or her own written work on camera, and get immediate response.
Students can choose different courses they like on any day of the week and learn Chinese based on their own level, pace and style. They don't need to go to school at a fixed time. All they need is access to the Internet, and they can arrange lessons that fit their own schedule and learn Chinese wherever is most convenient for them!
Wechat ID:lulu-panda
Line ID: panda-chinese

E-Chinese Lessons!!!

 Class Time 25 Minutes 

Number of Classes Per Package

 1) 8                        2) 20                    3) 40 Tuition

 1) 299RMB/Month    2) 699RMB/Month   3) 1199RMB/Month

 Please note that you can, of course, have more than one class in one sitting.

For example, you can have two classes (50 minutes) in a row or more if you like.


E-lessons via Skype,Line, or Wechat. We can provide you with a quality Chinese lesson wherever you are at a time that best fits your busy schedule…cheap, convenient, and high-quality. Our online course is in the promotion period (2014), so the price is very cheap. We intend to extend this promotion for six months.

Payment options:We accept cash/card bank remittance and Paypal.


Contact Us 9:00am~18:00pm Beijing Standard Time

E-mail: panda-chinese@hotmail.com

Tel: +86-0411-3968-5208

Website: www.panda-chinese.com

Wechat ID: lulu-panda

Line ID: panda-chinese

Address: No.105, Sec. Youhao Rd., Zhongshan District, Dalian City, China.