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Opportunities for cooperation

1 International Chinese Language Teachers’ Training

Requirements: University or Training Institutions

2 E-learning: Online Chinese Language Lesson (Mandarin)

Requirements: Information technology companies which have

the ability of developing the customers of American, Japan, European.

More details, please contact with us.

Requirements: University or Training Institut

2 E-learning: Online Chinese Language Lesson (Man


Zhongyang Gongguan-29F(Central Palace), 108# Youhao Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian. 



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About Us



Dalian Panda Chinese Language School provides one-on-one, one-on-two, and medium to large-sized Chinese classes in Dalian, China. Learning here is quite different from learning at a university because of our friendly environment and commitment to excellent service. Our training courses are designed to best suit each student’s needs.
We also offer e-lessons via Skype or WeChat. Our convenient e-learning program can provide you with a quality Chinese lesson wherever you are at a time that best fits your busy schedule.
Reasonable, convenient, and of high-quality, with Panda E-Learning you can enjoy a professional quality Chinese lesson from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are globally!


Chinese Test Center


   Dalian Panda Chinese Language School was authorized by Hanban  in 2013 in Dalian.Please visit  http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=8538657 you can get infomation on this page.

Three Advantages about the HSK Internet Based Test
1、Plenty of time to enroll
The enrollment deadline is pushed ahead to 10 days before the test.(for the paper test,
need 27days ahead of the exam.)
2、More clearly by independent audio sections
The test takers can listen to the listening part of the test individually without being distracted by background noises that one otherwise might encounter at other testing centers.
3、More efficient by using computer
Using the computer to type Chinese character,the test takers’ skills can be clearly and concisely evaluated.



Chinese Language Teacher Test Center 


Dalian Panda Chinese Language School was authorized by [International Chinese  Language Teachers Association(ICA)]  in 2011 in Dalian.Please visit  http://www.ctcfl.org you can get infomation on this page.




Why Us


►We offer a free 30 minute demo lesson .Please call us to make a reservation.
Don’t worry about getting lost; we can give you directions and meet you at your bus or train.
All of our teachers hold certification to teach Chinese as a foreign language.
Free Chinese level pretest and learning plan consultation; one to one teaching format.
Free Chinese Course
. Every  Tuesday 2:00-3:00pm .Please join us, no reservation required.

We hold frequent Chinese cultural learning activities; such as parties, picnics, and field trips.
Start anytime stop anytime; we are very flexible. And will work with you to plan a class schedule that works best for you.
Panda students go on to have a high pass rate on C.Test and HSK exams. Let us help you succeed!!