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Opportunities for cooperation

1 International Chinese Language Teachers’ Training

Requirements: University or Training Institutions

2 E-learning: Online Chinese Language Lesson (Mandarin)

Requirements: Information technology companies which have

the ability of developing the customers of American, Japan, European.

More details, please contact with us.

Requirements: University or Training Institut

2 E-learning: Online Chinese Language Lesson (Man


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I. Introduction
The Chinese Language Education Center organizes/holds the Mandarin summer/winter camp. students could learn Mandarin and experience Chinese culture through all kinds of teaching activities during the camp.

II. Course plan
1. Applicant:Individuals or groups, ranging from the ages of 8~15/18-65.
2.Placement Evaluation and Class Selection:Students are placed in appropriate levels following a Mandarin proficiency test on the first day of the session. No Chinese language foundation is acceptable.
3.Location:Dalian Panda Education. (Manhattan tower 1-10F) No.105, Youhao Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian. (near the Youhao Square)
4.Class sizes:At least 3 students in each class. The maximum of the class is 8 students.
6.Class hours:Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:30.




III. Schedule
1-All day’s learning schedule



2-Half day’ learning schedule + Free time


3-Chinese Learning + Chinese practice & Culture practice Schedule


4- Personalized Schedule(make schedule as required)


IV Schedule Discrimination
A--About Mandarin Study
(Accordance to the level of Chinese)
1zero based mandarin
2primary mandarin
3 intermediate mandarin
4 senior mandarin




(According to the types of courses)
1Comprehensive Mandarin;
2Mandarin listening;
3Oral Mandarin;
4Mandarin Reading;
5Character writing;
7HSK Training;
8Chinese Culture.







B--About Chinese practice
1 In supermarket
2 In shopping malls
3 In a Park
1 Playing cards
2 Sing



C--About Culture practice
(A)Culture study
1 Making Dumplings
2 Paper-Cut
3 Origami
4 Calligraphy
5Tourist Attractions
6 Poetry of the Tang Dynasty;
7 Traditional Festival
8 Idioms/ The Analects of Confucius


(B) Culture visit
1 Taijiquan
2 Ceramic
3 Dinners (Chinese dishes)
4 KaRaOKe
5 Room Escape(Game)
6 Traditional Outdoor Games/Sports

(D)Field Trip (1~2 days, once per two weeks)
1 Real CS field

2 Two day tour in“BingYuGou”— known as “small Guilin”

3The zoo—PANDA


4 Strawberry / Cherry Picking

5 Two day tour in a Small Fishing Village


6 Villa Barbecue

V Payment
1. One week of echelon is RMB2999/ (package1)/1599(package2)/3199(package3) (including tuition, books, materials expense, vehicle fare, entrance ticket, meal expense of field trip).
One week of echelon is US$499 / (package1)/269 (package2)/529 (package3) (including tuition, books, materials expense, vehicle fare, entrance ticket, meal expense of field trip).
2.During the summer camp, the participant will be insured (RMB300/ US$49 of accident insurance and accidental medical insurance).
3.Air tickets , Meals ,shopping cost …on their own
4. Accommodation:
(1)180yuan/day(Two persons share one room,5~15minutes to PANDA on foot)
( OR Single Room for 300yuan/day)


(2)Or 90yuan/day(Young’s’ Hotel, Walk 8minures+Bus10minutes to PANDA  )


VII. Contact Us
(please contact us at 9:00am~18:00pm in Chinese time)

e-mail: panda-chinese@hotmail.com     Tel: +86-0411-3968-5208
Wechat ID: Panda-Chinese
Address: No.105, Sec. Youhao Rd., Zhongshan District, Dalian City, China